Friday, February 20, 2009


Right now I'm a bit on a sick side. But after what I've put my body through the past two weeks, well it's safe to say I deserved it. In two weeks I have put over 2,500 miles on my car from a total of five days in driving time. I have spent time in Georgia, Florida, and Virginia. And stuck one weekend of very little sleep right at the end. Needless to say, I am in recovery mode and my body wants me to be in bed for most of the day. I try relentlessly to fight with it, but right now, body 1, spirit 0.
So what all was I doing you may ask? Well, let me tell you. First I drove straight into Hotlanta to drive through a graduate school I am looking at. Very cute although traffic there is way worse than West Palm! Then I drove to the Paisley Farmhouse where India, my artsy college roommate, was hard at work in her mom's precious store. I went to bed early that night, but still spent as much time as possible with her parents and twin cousins. The next day was another drive day.
India and I took our time getting ready the next day but were bursting at the seams because of a giant surprise we were taking part in! Our roommate Michelle and great friend Nate were getting engaged! He invited us to be there afterwards as a surprise. So we travelled the miles to Sarasota, FL to prepare a fantastic engagement party for her. And may I just say we did a fantastic job! What a team!
Of course, since I was so close I drove to Tampa to celebrate my cousin Katie's thirteenth birthday. All in a day's work!
After spending a few days in beautiful and sunny Florida, India and I headed back to her house. Spending one more night of restful sleep on her oh so comfy bed, I was off again. This time I was headed for my aunt's house in Stafford, Virginia. I slept the drive off again and refueled with Panera's broccoli cheddar soup. Mmmm...
From there it was time to get down to business. I went to work at her church preparing for a weekend of teenagers, music, late nights, early mornings, difficult spirituals truths, junk food, crazy fun games, and friends. My newfound talent? Laminating. Oh yeah.
I spent the entire weekend with ten beautiful thirteen year old girls. And despite all of its awkwardness and unpredictability, I loved it. I didn't leave best friends with these girls, but I hope that something from this weekend sticks with them. I still pray for them.
The band who led music this weekend and stirred our hearts towards God was Addison Road. I bought their cd before I went so that I would be able to sing along, and I'm sure glad I did.
When the weekend came to a close, I slept once again. And again. You'd think I had enough right? The week started well with a girls day. My cousin is a cosmotologist and agreed to cut my hair on her day off. How sweet of her. And I got a makeover! My hair and make-up looked fantastic! Top that off with a feast for lunch and spa pedicures for my aunt, cousin, other cousin's girlfriend, and me. What a day!
The day before I left I got to go into downtown DC. It was beautiful but chilling outside. After walking around and seeing some of the monuments, I knew it was time to spend some time indoors. Although museums are not my favorite, I decided I wanted to visit the Holocaust Museum. Talk about information overload! Yikes! I crashed on the way home that day. My uncle taught me about slugging(which is kinda like hitch-hiking/carpooling). He said I would be good at it since I sleep the whole time and wake up at my destination. Maybe.
By the time I woke up to drive home the next day, I was sick. Like as in can't stand up without feeling faint, pounding headache, and achy throat. G-ross! But I made it home, only to still be paying dearly for it now.

But you want to know what blessed my heart the most about this whole thing? In two weeks of travel and fun and makeovers and pigging out, I only lost about $50. The math doesn't add up. I know. Everywhere I went families paid for me, and I never expected them to pay a single dime on me. I made money by working at the church which was something I was volunteering to do. I really feel like the Lord just poured out His blessings through the hands of others in my life. Once I recuperate I'm ready to do it over again....well, maybe.