Friday, March 25, 2011

Jerome Adventures #2- a little update from me

This time Jerome the travelling gnome went for a little visit with my dear friend Kayla to her home state of sunny Florida. She did a good job of keeping the sunscreen on him, because he still came home pasty white. Here are a few of the pictures of how much fun he had! At the beach...the waves were a bit scary for one so small.
At the pool :)

Hanging with Harry Potter at Hogwarts. He fit right in.
Jerome being eaten by a dinosaur...Jerome being eaten by a dinosaur??!!
Well folks that's the last of adventures with Jerome the Travelling Gnome....Just kidding. Jerome made it back safely and is now enjoying a trip to Mississippi. When he returns, you will hear all about it. Again, if you would like to be a part of his trip around the states(and the world) let me know.
Changing subjects now--back to me :)--I finally got an internship! What a weight off my shoulders! Summer is looking up! I actually do not dread seeing clients anymore. I don't think I will pee in my pants after all. God has shown His faithfulness and His grace in a big way to me this week. I will never understand why He continues to show me His favor. All thanks goes to the Big Man. More news to come.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Introducing....Jerome the Travelling Gnome

So, I've had this idea for over a year now to send Jerome, my travelling gnome on a world tour. If you've been reading Carrie Contemplates for a while now you may remember my gnome Harold way back when. Well I have 3 small gnomes now, and my collection is growing. Each serves a function. Harold tended my garden. Jerome helps me see the world. My goal is to get him to every state in the US, and perhaps make a trip to every continent (every country seemed too steep a goal, though a girl can wish). I doubt he'll ever go to Antartica, but who wants to go there anyway? I'd have to make him a gnome sized coat! Well I started his adventures a month ago, sending him to my sis in Charleston, SC. I told her I at least wanted to see him at the Battery, but she could have creative freedom with the rest. So here begins his adventures...

Where is he? You don't see him? He's in the hole in one of those beautiful oaks!
See. Told you he was there.
the water :)
on a bench. see he's quite small.
in one of the old canons...yikes!
My beautiful sis took Jerome to an all girls event called Chicks and Chocolate, but I didn't hear any complaints when he got back. Must have been the yummy chocolate fountain. :)
This is the pond in the middle of my sis's campus. If you look closely you can see some ducks.
This was the only thing Jerome didn't like about his trip to Charleston....eating in the caf. What a great way to start his adventures! I can check off my home state of South Carolina. :) A big thanks to my little sis! She did a wonderful job hosting Jerome. Next up on Jerome's adventures...Spring break in sunny Florida! Wanna host Jerome? Know somewhere cool he can go? Let me know!

Monday, March 7, 2011

February Crafts

I desperately wish I had more time to craft. And more money to craft. :) I would without a doubt do it all the time. I don't even have that many original ideas. I just love making things, whether it's my idea or someone else's creative genius. Some of you know that I have been taking sewing lessons. It has been crazy to try to put it in my already harried schedule, but totally worth it. I have been the girl who walks in late, spends the first twenty minutes playing catch-up, and can barely keep her eyes open by the end of class. My first class I called to see if they had an open spot two days before the class. I got the last spot. That day I worked 7-5, had sewing class from 6:30-9:30, got home at 10, packed and showered, and woke up at five the next morning to drive to Chattanooga for (graduate school) class all weekend. That week I had had a bad cold and an even worse reaction to the meds I was taking for my cold. I was a walking zombie, but now I can present to you my first sewing project that I did myself. My mom might take offense to that because we made pajama pants together, but I couldn't do it again without her because she helped so much. Even though the picture doesn't do much to show off my workmanship, it really looks great. It is what they call a sausage pillowcase with French seams. It's called a sausage, because you roll it up to sew it. Pretty cool technique. And I love French seams. They are my favorite. It is amazing how much I have learned these couple of months.
The next project was the four hour project I made mention of a little while ago. I had this cute printout from Monika Wright of i love it all when she reached 200 followers on her blog, and have been waiting for the perfect thing to do with it. Lately, I have had a real passion for upcycling, using things we throw away or recycle and repurposing them. I have about ten different projects I want to make from old magazines, and I decided to start with this one. The page where I got the instructions for this is no longer available, so if you are interested in making a frame like this just ask me. I kind of made it my own way anyhow. Again, the picture doesn't do it much justice. It is very colorful and really brightens my crafting space. I took these pictures really fast before leaving ATL to come home for spring break. I knew I would have time to blog while home and was antsy to get out of town. So sorry for poor picture quality.

And this picture shows the size of it next to my crafting desk. Love it!
Does anyone know of any more great upcycled crafts to add to my list? I love when I don't have to go to the store to buy the items I need to craft, because they're already around my house being used for other purposes, or even better, headed to the garbage! Are you worried? Do you envision my house full of trash? Or worse, me dumpster diving for crafting materials? It could become a problem. :)
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