Thursday, May 1, 2008

My crazy life

My life has never been crazier than it was this semester. I have hardly had time to breathe between reading assignment, writing papers, research projects, and studying for exams. This is my last spring in West Palm, and I wish I had been able to enjoy it more. Now it's time to pack and clean and try to enjoy the last day before summer at home.
The past two weeks have had so much going on, but I think it's important to mention that I just turned 21!!! Even though it was in the midst of the craziness and everyone was busy, my amazing friends still made time to make it special. I woke up and our whole apartment was decorated with streamers and post-its and luau party supplies. It was awesome.

The weekend before my birthday, my family came for a visit. We had a great time, and they even got to come to the Keys with me for my friend's birthday party. It was a busy weekend for me and little sleep, but I really had a good time.

On my actual birthday I went a local park on the beach. It was so much fun. Just me and God and the beauty of creation. This beach has so many shells. I had to go get some as birthday momentos. Even though I had so much on my plate during that time, I decided to take a break from it all and do as little homework as possible. I deserved it. A friend recently taught me that birthdays are about celebrating the gift of life that God has given. It's not about getting a year older but being blessed with another year of life. I want to celebrate like that.

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Jessica said...

Aww, that's wise friend that taught you about the blessings of birthdays. So, you now have had 21 blessed years of life...according to Becky Mason. ;-] Glad you had a moment to come up for some breath and enjoy your birthday!