Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Notes from a working girl

I am now an eight to five, real deal, working girl now. I have been for four weeks now. I didn't realize how long days could actually be when you're stuck behind a computer. I come home, take a nap, eat dinner, take a shower, and go to bed. I mean, what a life! I can't imagine having a family and other responsibilities outside of a job. I must be so spoiled! But enough whining... I love my job.
Behavioral Health Group has been fantastic for me. The people I work with are amazing and so helpful. I really think I will be sure of what I want to do come the end of the summer. The fact that it is a private practice with a number of psychologists and licensed counselors with diverse backgrounds and specialties is phenomenal. And did I mention that they are all Christians?? This is exactly what I think I want to do! I get along with everyone so well, and sometime they feel more like family than co-workers. And I have only been there for four weeks!
So what do I do exactly? Yeah, good question. Let's say whatever needs to be done. I've caught on pretty quickly with everything so far, so I've been the receptionist some days, I get to run to Office Depot or call them and place orders charging lots of money on the business credit card, I score some of the psychological testing and insert the information into our computer system some times, I get to meet with the doctors and counselors to pelt them with questions, I get to do some observing and participating in group therapy and other things, but mostly I sit at my computer and fix the billing records that weren't done right when the old office manager was there. I will have my own office by the end of the summer. I think that is pretty cool.
My only frustration is that I have been working for four weeks now and won't be paid until next week. I found that out today. I don't want to cast blame on anyone, because the person who should have gotten everything straightened out with the payroll guy hardly works at the office anyways. But I just wish there was one person in charge of me who was there and I could ask questions and get things straightened out right away. Unfortunately for the moment, I'll have to wait on money and keep working on the computer stuff hoping that it is done right.
This will be a great summer, and I have plenty of other things to write about soon. Now to work the church nursery for my mom who is stuck at the beach.....

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Jessica said...

Yay! Good work Carrie. Your job sounds like it keeps you busy. It's good to see your finding your niche. It makes our lives much easier when we follow God's will and do his calling instead of our own!