Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Carrie, the Event Planner...No thank you

This past weekend I celebrated the birthdays of some friends from back home. Last August, my friend Kristin and I planned and awesome surprise party for our friends Lacie and Bethanie. It was such a hit that we decided that we would do parties for the rest of our hometown friends. This time it was Kristin and Dorothy's birthdays, and I had hoped someone else would pick up the ball for this one.

It was getting too close to time, and I really wanted them to have a great surprise, so I started making some phone calls and soliciting some help. I was pretty stressed to say the least putting all of the party details together from five hours away. When I called the events coordinator at MagiQuest I think she thought I was crazy for calling a week before the party date...or maybe it was that I was planning a 21st birthday party at a children's place? I don't know, but I felt a little crazy.

Somehow, it all turned out. There was food and cake and fun all at the right time. And we had a great time at MagiQuest, even though there were four year olds that were doing better at the games than we were. I didn't take any pictures the whole weekend, because I was busy making sure everything turned out right and on time. By the time we got to MagiQuest, I just wanted to relax and have some fun! And that we did!

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