Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I hate being cold and wet

I hope that this is the grumpiest post I will ever make. I never want to make this a space to whine and complain about my circumstances or people in my life. I want to be honest about who I am and what my life is like, but some things are inappropriate and uncalled for.

But this post is a short rant I would like to have about something trivial but nonetheless emotion provoking in me. The worst combination to me is being cold and wet. I would rather be miserably hot than miserably cold any day of the year. For four years I lived in sunny Florida, and man did I love that sun.

And now I'm in Atlanta, and even though I've heard the locals say this has been an unusual year, it has been terribly rainy and terribly cold. My first semester it rained literally every other day! I even got two days off of class for flooding. Major flooding.

And this winter, I had to buy a completely new style of clothing for me...winter wear. Ok, maybe not completely new. I did grow up in SC. Now, I can just hear the northerners scoffing at me, but it makes me miserable to have the temperature around freezing and the wind blowing in my face nearly suffocating me. I couldn't live up North. Period. ( ok, that is a dangerous thing to say, b/c God has a terrible sense of humor sometimes--but those are my feelings talking)

So it's been rainy and cold, rainy and cold, rainy and cold...and then it snows. Bam. My whole attitude changes. It's wet and cold, and I'm happy. No, more like ecstatic. Our big snow day was a couple of weeks ago right before Valentine's Day, but we had another snow yesterday and it inspired me to write. I was the crazy girl giggling and dancing in the Kroger parking lot when the snow was coming down.
In spite of all of the rain and cold that has brought on an acute case of Eeyore-itis, this is my little tribute to snow. I love you. (can you say that to precipitation?)

Beginning to snow

My apartmentNarnia
My pond

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