Monday, February 21, 2011

Whirlwind Month

Like the new header? Those pics came from my weekend visit to North Carolina to see my precious friend Kayla. Her co-worker gave her free passes to the Biltmore Estates, and we had fun making fun of the old pictures throughout the house and trapsing the grounds in what felt like a wind storm.

We had a fantastic time and wish I could have stayed longer. Then back to real life. Every semester I just get busier. The semester I graduate I may have to take a hiatus in a mental facility. School is one of my top priorities, but I sure wish it did not have to be. I have to remind myself it is a means to an end. So, I thought it was high time for an update on resolutions, seen as I haven't blogged in a month....a few posts shy of my hopeful 3 blogs a week. hehe.

I am very proud to anounce that this week I will be halfway through my sewing classes. I love them!! I have learned sew much :)! This week I will make a pillow awesome one of course. Be excited for me. I have only wanted to do this my whole life.

My other resolutions have been on and off again. So many of them are daily and weekly things that I can conquer some days and some days not. I'm still dedicated to keeping as closely as I can to some. Others have just been a little out of reach for the way this semester/year is turning out. Three blogs a week? Not possible really. It was ambitious, and I hope to be better about writing once a week.

I will end with a random list of things going on in my life:

1. I have heard 3 references to Mr. Rogers this week.

2. Even wierder, I have heard 3 references to Star Trek in the past 3 days. Not elicited by me.

3. I made some awesome cupcakes for Valentine's Day, and you should be jealous if you didn't get one. I was still receiving compliments today.

4. My parents took me to Peter Pan @ the threesixty theatre this weekend, and it was one of the coolest experiences ever, never mind my undying love for Peter Pan.

5. I thought I was going to have a panic attack today, when I realized I was the only one in my class who has not had an interview for their internship starting this summer. I haven't even sent out my resume! I am in serious denial. (Note to self: This is a problem)

6. I spent about four hours collectively on a craft project (when I probably should have been working on my resume) that I want to show you soon.

7. I took a personality inventory for a class project and found out some very interesting things about myself, like I scored extremely high in fantasy. What this indicates is that I have a pretty wild and crazy imagination. It's part of my creative side. I make stuff up. I'm a day-dreamer with my head in the clouds. This in combination with a very low score on openness to ideas, measuring intellectual curiosity, makes total sense when I talk about my trip to Biltmore. I am not the girl who soaks in every detail of the house. I did not wear the headphones and listen to all of the historic details. In fact, I was the girl making fun of the slow-moving head phone wearers. I wanted to go not to learn but to imagine what life would be like to live in a house like that. When I was stuck in line behind the slow movers, I was making fun of the people in the old pictures, with their now outdated hairdos and ensembles. O mutton chops.

8. I am currently flipping between stressed to the max and not caring at all. Hoping that spring break will actually be a break and not what a professor of mine does to us on our class break. "On break, I'd like you to..." I could use at least 2 days in the low 80's to be outside all day, no books, no cares, just freedom and rest.

9. I have class all weekend, and midterms start Monday. Enough said.

I thought I'd go for ten, but I'm bored. So you probably are too. :) Have a wonderful week!


Consider the Lilies said...

i wish you couldve stayed longer. i enjoyed making fun of slow movers, old pictures, and rich snobs with you!

Sarah Ann said...

Awesome job on the header! I do believe I was one of those Mr. Rogers references which makes me laugh. I so wish I could have experienced the awesomeness of Peter Pan with y'all. :( Look forward to spring break not just for rest but that you get to see me!!! Love ya sis,and I'll be praying your stress levels decrease!!!

Jessica B. said...

No more making fun of the slow headphone movers, that would be me, I can assure you of it! :)

Jamie Mehaffey said...

Love the new header. I like that you are learning about blog layout because someday I am just going to come and get lessons from you.

Your listed update blog also inspired mine. Thanks!