Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jerome Goes to Mississippi

Alright, it's time for a Jerome update. Jerome recently spent a little time with my new friend Quinton in my birth state of Mississippi. Let's see what what kind of trouble he has gotten himself into now. Here he is making friends with some squirrel decor. I wanted to make some joke about him eating squirrel and stuffing him, but I was afraid that since it was Mississippi, people might actually believe me. They don't do that in them there parts. :)

Jerome got to play his hand at a little penny poker. If this game was rigged, you could have done a little better. ;) Quinton goes to Mississippi State, and Jerome got a little tour of campus.

Next stop North Carolina!! Thanks Quinton!

1 comment:

PCrooks said...

Cute series Carrie...I hope Jerome can make it to Virginia sometime soon. He looks a little lonely in Mississippi. Virginia is for know, he might fall under the spell and find a lady friend up here. Maybe he can hitch a ride with Gramme and Papa. Just a thought.