Saturday, May 14, 2011

Boating Adventures

This whole past week the temps have been soaring into the high nineties. Since I had gotten 2 river tubes for my birthday and the spa was booked until July for us girls to get our discount massages, we decided Saturday was tubing day. I was so excited for the first chance of the year to "shoot the Hooch." But the weather did not look good and temps had dropped back into the low seventies. Also, they were releasing water from the dam, and the Chattahoochee was really high and moving fast. Really? Had to be this weekend, huh?

Determined to make the most of our day, we decided to brave Bob and Jamie's river raft "boat."
I told my friends that if I didn't have friends like them, I would never do this kind of stuff. :) I took the front seat in the splash zone (thanks, girls!) and squealed like a little girl every time the freezing cold water splashed up onto me. :) We had a great time, and finished the trip in less than an hour. The day before Bob and Stan had taken the same trip and it took an hour and a half. On a regular summer day it would take two and half hours in a tube. That is how fast the water was moving. We really did not paddle much.

Kelly left us before food, but we ended the trip with a stop at Mulberry St., where the pizza slices hang off both sides of the place. Yum!

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