Friday, July 13, 2012

Jerome the Gnome goes to Rome

Jerome had been taking a break from his travels for awhile to support me in my last year of grad school. I thought it was time to reward him with an international trip to Italy and Germany. Okay, it was really for me, but I did take him. He even got to meet the Pope. Well, sort of.

Here are some of my favorites of him, before I take a few days to show you my favorites of the trip as a whole. So without further ado....Jerome the traveling gnome in Rome...and Venice and Haltern and Cologne. 

Inside the Coliseum

The Pantheon

Fountain at Piazza Navona

The Trevi Fountain

As I'm taking pictures of Jerome at the Trevi Fountain this man walks up to me, asks me about Jerome, and tells me his girls are doing the same thing...but with the Pope. They wanted a picture with Jerome but were afraid I might be Catholic and find it offensive. But I'm not Catholic, and it's not every day you get to meet the pope. This was their pope's first time to Rome. I tell you what, Jerome always makes friends.

St. Mark's Cathedral in Venice

Hey look, it's a gondola! *Sigh* You may not be able to tell by his face, but I know he was loving every minute of this trip just like I was. I love Italy. No, I really love Italy. No, I really really love Italy.

Overlooking downtown Nuremberg, Germany

Making another friend in a store front in Haltern

532 stairs is a lot of stairs for anyone, especially a gnome. The top of the bell tower at the the Cologne Cathedral

By the Rhine River in Cologne. Fun times.
Can't wait to see where he goes next! Any exciting trips coming up for you? Wanna take Jerome?

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