Saturday, January 18, 2014

Just Dance

A couple of weeks ago I woke up with a revelation that I had let my life become boring. 

I had become so practical and hard working and serious and tired and sad and blah, blah, blah. I'm not that girl! I want to be a classy and respectable woman, but that does not have to mean stuffy and unbearably serious. I was taking an image a little too far. Part of it was due to the fact that I am a young girl trying to be taken seriously as a counselor. But I don't want to become boring based on a possibility that someone might question my qualifications. I want to be me and at that, the best me. So what's a girl to do when she wants to reclaim an exciting life, a front row life? Dance!

I went to town! Crazy, fun town! I decided I want to start and end everyday letting loose and dancing my heart out. Laughing at myself. Enjoying my self. Not taking life too seriously. And everywhere I looked there was something about dance. I have been feeling the benefits of it. I smile more, stress less, am more relaxed, and overall feel like I am breathing more life back into myself.

It's funny, because just a couple of months ago I wrote out this little prayer (below). I believe the Holy Spirit lives in me. And I want to be someone He can be active in. I want to hear his voice and respond. I want my life to be filled with God adventures. Because those are the best kind of adventures. And part of that is freeing myself to be the person God made me to be. My heart is a dancing heart. As long as I've been a Christian, dancing has been an act of worship for me. I love it. When I was younger I got to share some of that with my church through interpretive dance. People would always comment that they could see that I was truly worshiping. And I always found it funny, because I never got up there for a performance. 

A couple of years ago I went to a prayer night at my church and there were some artists praying and painting prophetic art pieces for those who were being prayed for. This was the painting that a lady painted for me. When she gave it to me she said the Lord had given her a picture of a dancer that was like a butterfly. She spoke about the connection between dancing and freedom in my life. So that 's what I equate dancing to. Freedom.

Heaven will be an eternity of worship. And we will be perfect and completely free. I cannot wait to dance for Him. Seriously. I just know that all of the songs I've choreographed in my head will come to life before my Creator. Such joy.

I've never had a dance class. I take that back. There was a season of tap dance in first grade. I might have stuck with it, if it weren't for the hideous yellow and black recital ensemble I was forced to wear. I've also dealt with more than my share of social anxiety and ran from too many social opportunities to dance  for me to count. The moments I remember that I just cut loose and danced are precious treasures that have pushed me to loosen up and propelled me onto the dance floor as life has gone on.

I could talk a lot on this topic, but my point is this. Don't let your life be boring. Maybe it's not dancing. Maybe it's something else. But do it. Today. And don't have a boring relationship with God. He isn't boring, and He invites you to have an exciting walk with Him!

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