Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My 25th Birthday

A few weeks ago I turned 25, my quarter century birthday. My friend Brandy chopped quite a few inches off my hair the week before, and I was beginning to feel a bit older, maybe finally even my age. This was probably my best birthday ever. At least top 3, right up there next to my fifth birthday pirate/1st sleepover party(We went on a treasure hunt and had to dig up a real treasure chest with all of the party favors. You really can't beat that.). I really thought my birthday was going to fly by without notice seen as it was sandwiched in between the National Counselors Exam and finals, but I was wrong.

My friends came together and gave me one of the most wonderful parties a girl could ask for. There is no word to describe all that I was feeling that day. The whole day was beautiful. I was able to spend the day with the people I've come to know and love so well. Everywhere I've been in my life I have always had the group of unlikely friends, people so unique that no one would have ever put together. Somehow we work and work well. It is so beautiful to see us all together. They really do feel like family. Even my friends who came that didn't know everyone else were instantly welcomed in as one of family. I love being a part of a group like that.

My friend Jamie who threw me the party at her beautiful new house made the whole thing very special. She had gotten all of my friends to send her reasons why they love me, and she wrote up a page of 25 reasons why we love Carrie. And they were all very personal. It felt so good to be known and loved by my friends. The theme of the party was cupcakes, because I love them so much. Each person brought a different kind of cupcake to the party. It was fabulous! Add in church, free Moe's, Alias, and gifts, and you have the best birthday ever. I had such a good day that I had no problem writing a paper and studying for my final that evening. Thanks to everyone who made the day so special!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's write-up!


Michelle said...

Care :) i love the new do! AND i love you!

PCrooks said...

Yep...I like the new "do" too! Very professional.