Saturday, May 19, 2012

SpongeBob SquarePants

Another random post...I'm in the midst of packing and moving so random will have to do until Sunday. So, I've never been a SpongeBob fan, but for some odd reason he has shown up in my life a few times to make me laugh. The first time was for my sister's birthday when she was probably twelve or so. She was into SpongeBob, and my mom had bought SpongeBob decorations to decorate a table for my sister and her friends at my church's pancake dinner fundraiser. I was in charge of putting out the decorations. I pulled out the table cloth and busted out laughing. I went to find my mom to tell her we couldn't use the table cloth. All around the table it said SpongeBob Nudypants. My youth pastor helped go around and black out all of the NudyPants. Hilarious.

Then SpongeBob came back into my life this past year as a little plastic toy in my roommate's Cheerios box. He was just sitting there for days until I finally decided to move him around the apartment in random places where my roommate would find him. First, on top of the hall mirror. Then in the fridge with her daily Diet Cokes. Then on her bedside table. Hillary finally decided to play along. He has been everywhere around the apartment...I love his eyes. He just looks sneaky.

These are only a few of the fun places he has been found, but I have to say that my latest hide takes the cake for all time best SpongeBob SquarePants hideout. I put him in Hillary's graduation hood. I thought I had put him in her sleeve, so when we were all getting our robes on I asked her if she had found anything in her sleeve. She didn't, so I told her I had put SpongeBob in there. We thought we had lost him until she came up to me after the ceremony and told me that right before she had gone up on stage to get her diploma, after the millionth time of standing and sitting she sat on him and realized he was in her hood and she couldn't get him out. So, he got to walk across the stage with her. :) 

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