Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gentle Whispers

This Sunday, the very beginning of my church hunting, I attended a class that spoke on the passage in 1 Kings where God speaks to Elijah. He was not heard in the wind, fire, or earthquake. He spoke to Elijah in a gentle whisper. In class we were asked about our experiencing God through His gentle whispers.

Unfortunately for me I don't often hear, or listen to the gentle whispers. Sometimes the Lord has to come to me in a big and powerful way. To spiritually yell at me, if you will. And then I read something like this and His gentle whisper is so clear. It cuts right to the heart. Like Jonah ever stood a chance of running from God. "O Lord, you searched me and you know me."(Psalm 139:1)

I am so thankful for the sweet and encouraging souls I find in the blogging world. I could get discouraged because my blog doesn't draw a crowd, because I speak about matters of the heart and do not hold a well of original ideas to share or a product to sell. But then I read blogs like that, and think that if I could touch just one, it would be worth my broadcasting my life and sharing my struggles and successes. God is still working on me, refining me.

(If you didn't click the link to read the post, do it now. That was the point of my ramblings.)


Michelle said...

Care- your blog draws me. I deeply long to hear straight from your heart-- if only it was in person.. daily... minute-by-minute... ALSO, those cookies... DIVINE. Thankful the Lord is teaching you and stretching you. Love you Care-a-lot.

Michelle said...

Also... let me leave you with this funny:
the secret word you have to type to "affirm" your comment before posting was: pootio
yep, you tell me what that means... hmmmm?